Lady Dancett Derpy

Dancett is a 15th Century French horse trader of some fame. She has a practiced eye and a quick mind. She is known for having the best stock and driving a firm but fair bargain. She enjoys horses, riding, and gardening, and has a tidy truck garden.

Rhianon first learned of the SCA on the west coast. It took another 30 years to actually join. She’s been playing for 8 years now and She doesn’t plan on stopping. she enjoys all things fiber and watching tournaments. She has held the positions of Shire Provost, Shire Herald, Shire Webminister, College of Heralds Webminister, Kingdom Webminister, Shire Social Media Officer, and Shire Chatelaine.

You are never too old to start playing and she feels that everyone can find their tribe here. All you need is a smile and a love of history.